Delta Double Duty Lathe

Purchased a decrepit lathe from someone who received from the original user. The lathe had a lot of rust and looked bad but it had a lot of potential.

Here is a summary of features and parts included:

Delta Lathe model Double DutyDoubleDutylabel
Machinist’s slide rest SlideRest
Motor – JackShaftPulley
Stand – home made sturdy angle iron frame with 1″ thick top for mounting of lathe Delta930overall
Box section w/ 5 drawers and lots of goodies!
Additional shelving beneath top Delta930overall2
Here are a few pics of the extras that came with this Delta Double duty lathe:





Storage&Wrenches WireBrush&FacePlate

After about 30 hours working with razor blades to scrape off the rust and Scotch Brite pads to work on the shiny parts the lathe was painted with a close to original color and looks like this now:



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